Trekking Tajikstan

Trekking Tajikstan

The tiny landlocked nation of Tajikistan just might be the best hiking destination you’ve never heard of.

Ancient, intrepid and mesmerising in its otherworldly beauty, Tajikistan is finally having its moment in the sun as the Central Asian nation welcomed hikers, mountaineers and culture buffs to bam-i-dunya or the’ roof of the world’. More than half of Tajikistan is mountain ranges with the rugged Pamir, Alay, and Fann mountains, home to challenging trails and rock faces and crystal clear glacial waters, forming some of the most dramatic sceneries in Central Asia.

Tajikistan is no destination for the faint of heart; infrastructure is as basic as the scenery is beautiful, but for the experienced, open-minded walker, there is authentic hospitality to be found at the lodges and tea houses along the most popular routes, as well as scenery you won’t have to share with more than a chosen few.

Country Holidays offers two ways to explore Tajikistan; the 11-day Untouched Tajikistan With Fann Mountains Trek offers the chance to visit the nation’s capital, Dushanbe, before you make for the mountains, passing through the Anzob mountain pass and following the Fann and Zerafshan rivers en route to the ancient trading city of Penjikent, from where your hike of the Urjam River valley and Oamir Fann mountains begins.

Alternatively, visit the yak farms, ancient mausoleums, remote alpine villages and dramatic waterfalls of Tajikistan during the 14-day Jeep Safari Over the High of Silk Road, which begins in Kyrgyzstan and ends in Kazakhstan. While in Tajikistan you’ll explore the vibrant Panjshanbe Bazaar and the timeless Mughtepa Fort and enjoy lunch beside the River Varzob.

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